Natalie Wood and Me at the Sahara

05 Jul

One might think that sitting through a Don Rickles show would be enough excitement for one night. I was right down front with Gil and Nikki when Rickles approached. This night I was in black slacks, black turtleneck…with an orange Alpaca ‘golf’ sweater…the one with the full sleeves that gathers at the wrist.

Rickles started right away. “Who’s this, Billy Batson ? Let’s see if he’ll change to Captain Marvel. Shazam, Shazam.” He started to gesture wildly !

I  left the lounge at the Sahara, like 500 others. We had just experienced the assault that was Don Rickles.

Leaving the Sahara, you stepped on a sensor and the 2 glass doors swung out, away from you.

I had triggered the sensor, stepped out past the open doors, and realized I’d forgotten something. Instead of continuing out and coming back through the entrance doors, I stopped, and turned, and found my face about 18 inches from Natalie Wood’s beautiful face…She and a girlfriend were tipsy, close in step behind me.

We were stopped cold. I was stunned. Nothing was coming to me. We were frozen as close as lovers. After an incredible pause, she spoke..

“That’s right.”  She did not have to say “It’s me.”

By her look, she was suggesting I was not ‘seeing things’, that this was the high point of my day.

She could tell by my muteness and wide-eyed confusion, I had seen “Rebel Without A Cause”, 25 times.

She was remarkably beautiful. She was Natalie Wood. She moved me aside with one finger, like we were in a movie and she had super powers.

I was still standing on the sensor, holding the doors open, when she turned back to look at me – her face brightly smiling, like she had just enough Chardonnay.

To make sure I saw…she made an exaggerated wink !  Something in me sensed she would turn around and come back to get me…Take me along on her adventure for the evening.

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Posted by on July 5, 2012 in Memoir


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