Play Perfect Blackjack

01 Jul

Obviously, there have been hundreds of books on the subject. Since I’ve read most of them, I felt comfortable designing a process using all the best points – and a few conclusions of my own.

For example; There is a perfect way to play, but not all will want to dedicate the time.  So..Fine.  We won’t get anal about it. We’ll discuss variations…keeping in view – The Perfect Process.

We will include here, some verbatim information from some of the best sources. Credits will appear somewhere within.

This is about playing perfect Blackjack.  Playing the same way every session.

Knowing the perfect play for every hand based on the outcome of millions of hands played.

The Basic Strategy

Basic strategy simply consists of knowing the correct play in each of the 550 possible combinations of hands that can arise at the table, and making that correct play each and every time. In practice, this reduces the house edge over the player to under 1%, and if the player is lucky enough to be playing in a casino with the right rules, basic strategy may even give the player a small advantage.

For any given player hand and dealer up card, there is an optimal strategy: the action that will yield you the most earnings (or least losses) statistically.

Basic Blackjack Strategy dictates the best action for a combination played directly off the top of the shoe, with no knowledge of other dealt cards (i.e. no card counting).

Under these constraints, there are about 300 critical plays to be memorized in Blackjack:

27 two-card player hands times 10 dealer up cards (2 to 9, tens, and ace). The player hands are hard 8 to 16 (9), soft 13 to soft 20 (8), and pairs (10). Hard hands less than 8 are always hit, and you always stand on hard hands over 16.

Using perfect Basic Strategy all the time will minimize the casino’s margin of profit to as low as 0.5%.  Players who don’t use basic strategy are giving up as much as 5 or 10% of their money to the house!

The following Basic Strategy table is for a four deck shoe 

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